August 30, 2012


Summer vacations take forever to arrive but go by so very quickly. Ever notice that?
The last two summers we've chose to end our summer months with a HOOORAW and a full on family break from the city craziness!
It's worked out really well for our small family and reminds us about slowing down, taking naps, eating well, and maintains our love for Tim Hortons coffee!
Peace, quiet, no line ups, and loads of popsicles.
Pretty great combination!

These images are special to me.
We still have some time to enjoy our escape before reality and routines kick in.
I'm trying to avoid, ignore, and pretend those schedules and routines are still months away.
Something is telling me they aren't.  BUMMER!
So for now we will continue to enjoy one of our favorite parts of the world and not wish our summer months away.
The OKANAGAN continues to bless us with so many memories!

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