November 25, 2011

November 24, 2011

A little bit of country


That's where I'm from....

In honor of American Thanksgiving today, I just want to say thanks.

November 23, 2011

November 22, 2011

A case of the Tuesdays!

Today I'm on FUN overload.
Overwhelmed with photos and thoughts of all the amazing ups and way ups from our past couple of days.
I'll just leave you with a few bean tid bits because maybe you are having a case of the Tuesdays?
Less talk.  More smile. Have a happy and healthy week!

November 18, 2011


I hit up quite a few blogs when nap time blesses me and I see a lot of HOW TO and DIY ideas.
People have amazing and creative minds.  Inspiration overwhelms me.  I want to create, to make amazing things out of teeny tiny precious items we have in our very own home, and WOW my fellow bloggers with cool "stuff".  Like making pieces of miniature furniture out of paper clips, or pasting shiny fabrics together to form animal shapes, or even doll houses made out of colored toothpicks.

** insert sarcasm and eye roll here!**
Totally hamming it up but seriously....

What I really think we are getting good at these days at our house is free, can be made anywhere at anytime of the day, comes at no cost or sacrifice and grows in our very own home....  this is our family DIY destination. It may even be the best project of all times, laughter!
Good old fashioned PLAY with the wee Bean. PLAY is a noun and a verb at Casa Reynolds.

I'm not sure if every little person shares these feelings but Andrew has a HUGE like for household items such as pots, tupperware, and toilet paper rolls, and an even HUGER (yes that is a word today) dislike for plastic purchased toys.  I find this the most amazing phenomenon.  $1000 worth of Walmart does not impress my son.  In fact it makes him shake his head and give us the stink eye, well not exactly but it will be totally old school in 38 seconds and can never compete with a tape measurer or a plastic disposable cup.  He could care less.

Dude has a creative mind!  He gets that from his Dad without a doubt.
The only exception to this is a book.
Baby boy loves his books!

Making tents is a huge childhood memory for me.  I remember making FORTS in the living room with my brother, and my parents using every blanket and sheet in the linen closet.  A blanket or towel entertains Bean for hours.  I honestly mean hours!

Music is not one of my strong points but I was always encouraged to sing out loud.  Both my parents have crazy musical talents that I believe were not polished nearly enough.  Hello, Mom plays the Spoons and Harmonica and Dad plays the Accordion! The beautiful piano in my parents home has heard a tune or two, it isn't just decoration. Pretty amazing.
So the music tradition must go on.  Andrew allows Mumma to belt out Raffi songs from the paste while he raps his heart out with a pot and spatula.  THE HILLS ARE ALIVE TO THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!

Around the island we go!  The game of run this way, then turn around and run the other way occupied many of our babysitters.  It may have even beat out popcorn!  Now it has turned into a welcome home from work Daddy tradition.  Andrew could run back and forth and around and around the kitchen island for hours. Big bad bedtime seems to ruin all the fun.  That game is free of charge!  And a hell of a calorie burner.

Do I need to say anything more on this one?

My point here is that the gift of PLAY is a very special one.  It is free. It builds amazing memories for our little people.  It makes us all use our imagination.  We are never to busy to play. Exploring the mystery of the mini creative mind is down right awesome. Us big people can tuck away a lot of lessons at the very same time.

I'm posting a few photos of PLAY from earlier this week.  A big puffy quilt and a couple of pillows....
It was our DIY project for that morning.
Little man had one heck of a nap after that hour long giggle session.

What silly childhood games did you play and do you play with your kiddos?
We have games waiting for us... gotta run!

November 17, 2011

CANADIAN beautiful!

It isn't always easy to find Canadian products, never mind buy them, but it is very important to my family to try.
Since I am a dead beat crafter I find it extra special to take advantage of other's talents. I can make a mean butter tart but crafts and I are not BFFs (despite what my Mom says - Mom, I know my Christmas ornaments are ugly. Let's be honest.) The holiday season has craft-it-up written in big BOLD red letters in my mind. I just wish it didn't punch us in the kisser until December 1st!

Merry Festivus is a ways off but this site may help you get through your list of sparkly pretty things for very special ones and feel warm and fuzzy about supporting a Canadian artist... you may even enjoy the shopping experience. On line shopping = no people and no parking!  Perfect!

I'm in love with letters and the letter press is a fascinating machine.  Have you ever seen one in action? Spectacular! When I discovered this "gem" of an artist on I couldn't help but add an item for myself.

Such pretty and classy items.
Canadian beautiful indeed.
Check out Gwen Delicious Jewelry.

Bonnie is from Vancouver Island. I can only imagine how pretty her creative back drop is.

November 15, 2011


Doesn't it seem like every day of the week has a specific 'feeling' associated with it?
Well, every day except TUESDAY?
Monday is the dreaded work week renewal...
Tuesday, I got nothin.
Wednesday is hump day! I mean middle of the week of course.
Thursday is really the new Friday (well at least it was when I was in University).
Friday is well, FREEDOM starting at 5:00 and generally a relaxed day.
And Saturday/Sunday, OBVI!
Tuesday just seems to lack an emotion.
It lacks a personality.
It totally lacks a zip, zing, zoww!

Until today.

Yesterday brought the end of our family extended weekend.
The first of our Fernie season and an awesome one indeed. Complete with bacon, Timmy, and Canadian Tire. Our three family favorites.
Boo weekends coming to an end.

We said good bye to Daddy mid afternoon and watched the wheels carry him down the lane. There were tears. Andrew and I are officially flying solo for the week while waiting for Daddy's safe arrival back to Funsville.
Our home is a construction zone, yahoo new basement, and apparently babies don't sleep well during jack hammering sessions and nail gun explosions? WTF? Who knew?
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm the nap Nazi?
No naps missed.
** insert smiley face **

Anyway, winter is full on in this friendly little town and we set out to greet it, on a personality - free, emotionless TUESDAY!
Snowballs. Freezing fingers. Greeting neighbors. Snow angels. Puppy eskimo kisses. Mid day bath time. French fries and ice cream.
French fries and ice cream!! Together!!
It was a glorious Tuesday. And pretty damned fun. We didn't need a vehicle or toys or a shopping  mall. We didn't even need Timmy today.

We gave it a lot of personality (especially after the wee Bean decided afternoon naps weren't cool).
We gave it some zip zing zoww old school style (especially after Mumma slurped back her Skinny Girl margarita).
We even filled boring old Tuesday with dinner in front of the TV, in our undies. Well ok, I had pants on but little big man had a no pants party! Hoot hoot.
Oh what a day.
Really, being home with Andrew allows everyday to breath light and love and adventure.

So blessed.
So fortunate.
So in love.
With Tuesdays.


November 14, 2011

A whole lot of WONDERFUL...

This weekend we were welcomed back to Fernie.
It hugged us with a bunch of WONDERFUL.

**deep breath**
oh we really missed you.  We are still enjoying the really really long hug...






Warning... (My name is ANDREW)










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