August 21, 2017

Summer nights with buddies

We are enjoying every final moment of summer vacation.
Summer nights.  Friends.  Fresh air.

Don't let that sad haze fool you.  IT IS HOT!!!

August 11, 2017


We are going hard with this summer holidays stuff!
Hazy skies.  Smores, swimming, biking, hiking. Late nights, early mornings, and so much junk food.
Spending the majority of our time AWAY from the city in our happy place has been so satisfying to this Mom.
I feel so grateful to be able to have this time.

Annnnnnd my kids may be driving me slightly nuts as we are approaching mid August ... I'll admit it.
Give me all the steeped tea..... and chips.... and naps!

I have managed to tackle all back to school shopping (online) and catch up on my own work.
Feeling so good about this summer.

We will stay until we need to go to school.

Happy Summer.

Dear Mother Nature....
Please bring some rain to relieve our poor landscape, those fighting fires and with homes and livelihoods in danger.  We need it so bad.


August 9, 2017

August 3, 2017

Water babies

Our kiddos love the water.
They swim and swim dragging them out is becoming a task.
I'm really proud of their behaviour near and in water.
They respect it and love it.
Life skills we will keep working on.

And someone is a huge fan of SUPing.
He offers free tours.
Just sayin...

August 1, 2017

Hello August!!

I never get tired of taking this photo.
We've been back to back to back days for the best ice cream we know.

We are here for a few weeks.
We will likely go back tomorrow.
AND order the exact same thing.



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