August 17, 2012


Last weekend our family went to check out the local VW show. Das Auto show
It was a park full of VW cars, VW owners, and VW wanna-bes.

VW "folks" are a wee bit quirky.  I say that because I live with one.
AND I've actually become one.
Something about the VW culture that is weird, and fun, and a tiny bit geeky.
I really love it!

Believe me yet?!
Whatever the culture is, I find it fascinating. And these vehicle are beautiful!


And so loved!
Everybody pointed when this sweet wonder drove in and parked.

Hands down my favorite was this beauty!
It ooooozes character!  How much would you bet these are original letters?
You'd turn heads in this baby.


My VW boys.
Notice Bean is pointing to Daddy's "baby" shirt (baby = baby bus = VW bus!)

Super Rare.
Super pretty.
Karmann Ghia

Some neeto stuff here: Clubveedub
and here: Airriders

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