December 31, 2011


Happy was 2011!
Happy will be 2012!
Amazing blessings & privileges all year long.
Happy everything!

I hope you can find happy in your year ahead.
Even if it is in the simplest of things. Those are the best kinds.
Just be happy.

Love to you & your families...
Love from my family.
We are definitely IN LOVE.


December 30, 2011

Soaking up the moments!

Blog entries are sparse. I have wonderful excuses.
I'm busy soaking up the amazing moments the holiday season has to offer.
Savoring every breath with my beautiful family.  It is blissful and bright. Just like holidays should be!
I hope you are enjoying your friends and family as well, wherever your time is taking you.
Live in these moments. Soak em up big time!


December 23, 2011

From my phone!

T minus ONE MORE SLEEP!! (because the real fun starts on the 24th in my world).
I just know Santa is loading up that big shiny sleigh right about now!!

I hope the visions of sugar plums are dancin for you - big time...

Here are a few from the past few days.
LOVE Instagram.  Find me as 'SLME' to follow.

Have a wonderful Friday!

December 22, 2011


Baby its cold outside!

Last week Phoenix.
This week WINTER.

We introduced tobogganing to our mini at a wee age.
Huge hit.
Living in Calgary = 8 months of winter.
Mother Nature has been fairly kind to us this year. We are grateful indeed.

We've had a few chances to do a bit of this in Calgary:

Bean's expressions are contagious.
If only we could market the giggles we get out of this.
(my photos aren't the greatest of quality. snow + camera lens = boo)

The best things in life are FREE!

December 19, 2011

If this doesn't scream...

Hark the Herald!
Joy to the world!
Fla la la la la!
Jingle all the way!
HO HO HO and a bottle of RUM!
I don't know what the hell does.

HELLO CHOCOLATE SEASON! Come give Mumma a smooch.
Welcome once again.
Extra 10 15lbs!
Chocoholic complexion!
Sweet cravings galore!
And guilt free binges!

Let the sugar hangover follow... but not until I pass around (and snarf back) my favorite treat of the holidays.... TURTLES!

In between renos and phone calls and naps and a hard core game of tidy/retidy/make mess/tidy/retidy Andrew and I whipped up a batch of turtles this afternoon.

It was a tradition my step Grama kept.  The lady didn't smile all that much but Grama made a kick arse batch of turtles!  I never held back. EVER! I ate them by the handful.
I'm keeping that tradition going.  It may be selfish.  It may not.  But Mumma is keepin this one alive!

And this post can't go without mentioning... the famous Sandra/Turtle hiding story.
*** cue sarcastic voice***
Wayyyyyy back when my Mom gave me a box of turtles to hide so she would not eat them before the holiday (see, I come by the love honestly).
Christmas Day rolled around.
"Sandra, please go get those turtles I asked you to hide!"
I ate the entire box the week before.  By myself.  And I couldn't even blame it on brother.
That Christmas, everyone (except MOI) went without turtles.

So now I make my own turtles, eat them all if I want and no one needs to know.

Mmmmmm I love turtles!
Cha cha cha...

** a quick batch of toffee (basically butter, corn syrup & cream)
** melted chocolate in a double boiler
** and a fresh bag of pecans and VOILA!
Sweet Jesus!

Happy Holidays!!
Enjoy them guilt-free.  Life is very short!

December 17, 2011



These boys are BFFs!
Right out of a movie I'd say, you can't make this stuff up.  I sure wish I could package some of this love and pass it around.

When one or the other walks in the room they immediately track the other.
Like they have some crazy radar, secret connection, or amazing desire to know each other is present.

Animals bring the best out of us big human critters.
Andrew has grown beyond fond of our family stray dog, JOEY. He is in love with him.
He lives with Grampa and Grama but we consider him our own (and we don't even have to clean up the hair).
Perhaps one of the smartest creatures on earth.  Someone else's loss is our family's gain.
So sad that an animal has to be left by the side of the road.  That is how it all started....
Niece Ramsay picked the name and it couldn't suit him more.

From that moment, Joey has brought sunshine, cuddles, and a sense of humanitarianism to us all.
From hairball to slobber he is beautiful.
He is forgiving.
He is brilliant.
He is our protector and companion.
He is more than just a pet.
He is Joey!

Andrew and Joey.


Secret connections...

Yes that is Grama on a wiggle car with a lady bug touque.  Joey is refereeing the race.

That's amore!

December 16, 2011

Tis the Season to be JOLLY!


T minus 10 days, just in case you forgot, or have been in a coma since October 31st!
This is by far the most excited I've been for Christmas in a very very long time.  It may have something to do with the little feet that are running round and round.  I do mean RUNNING!
The twinkle is LOUD.  Mega loud at our casa.  
It isn't in the form of tree lights or presents.  It is in the form of giggles. 
Did I mention LOUD?
Best present ever!
Eat your heart out plastic toy section at Walmart.  HA.
Let's see how our visit to Santa Clause turns out this afternoon...

Happy Weekend everyone!!

a few festivus fotos in honor of FRIDAY!!


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