February 28, 2017

Running Mom

I ran a little race while visiting PHX.
I had my babies and my amazing MOM by my side.
She kept us in line and made me sane.
It was a huge race, SO MANY PPL!!  Not usually my style but I'll be doing it again indeed.
It was also the first of many races for me this year.  I took this one slow and low and loved that.
I took walk breaks, photos, and high fived as many kiddos along the way as I could.
This year I'm taking my running back and not feeling too guilty about it.

After all... happy WIFE, happy LIFE!

February 18, 2017

When in Arizona.....

It is very safe to say my children are better Bowlers than me....
And my parents have a way better social life than us!

We had a BLAST!


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