August 26, 2012

The Lake!

Mara Lake has graciously gifted my family with some amazing memories.
This week is no different.
First week spent with my Mom and Andrew.  Pretty amazing to share my Mom with my wee man.
I'm very grateful!

And to share it with a wonderful couple right next door has been fun as well.
Jen and Brady took me out on the boat one morning.
I took the opportunity to get a few pictures!
And by a few of course I mean hundreds.
I've watched Jen grow from a shy, not so confident little girl, to a beautiful, outgoing, and frigging funny young woman.
She's a Paramedic.
She saves peoples lives!
And she's getting married to a charming farm boy, Firefighter next fall.
The word CUTE comes to mind when I watch these two,
And they chatter like they've been married 25 years.
Love it!
Thanks Jen & Brady for sharing your time with me!

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