March 30, 2011

Mountain Dreams

Our morning view!
It is our dream to one day own a place in the mountains.  Calgary is getting larger and busier and crazier and it is so great to away on the weekends.
Fernie is our ideal place to be down the road.  While I'm off on maternity leave we've rented a town home in Pinnacle Ridge in Fernie and have been so fortunate to spend most weekends there as a family.  It is AWESOME!  We eat a lot of bacon, drink a lot of Tim Hortons, do a bit of snowboarding, sleeping in (yeah right), and share a lot of special down time with our amazing Andrew.  He is so much fun no matter where we go, I just can't say it enough.

Andrew's first drive to Fernie.

The drive too and from can be a bit daunting but with Tim Hortons in hand and a few squeeky toys, Andrew manages to be a trooper every time.  Kids are amazing creatures wouldn't you agree?  Check him out....
Most recent drive to Fernie.

First Snowboarding Day

At 6 weeks old we did our first family snowboarding adventure. We took a trip to Nakiska to "test out" our "system".  Darcy and I took turns taking turns on the hill.  Work out fantastic actually, Andrew slept most of the day away (I guess that is what newborns do) and we got out of the house (in -25 temps Brrrr!)

First of many ski passes.

My Best Friend!

Some photos of Bean last week.   These are a couple of my favorites. There are so many I didn't know which ones to post.
What a handsome little man we have.... you have to agree!

I was a picture nut before Andrew and since he has blessed our lives I truly understand the importance of saving these memories even more.
Just hanging out in my jeans!
We are truly the best of friends!

Love my chore hat from Papa and Grandma!

March 17, 2011

Today is the day!

I'm excited to explore the world of blogging.
Since I've been a Mom (or discovered I was becoming a Mom) I've been fascinated with BLOGS of all kinds, I follow a few religiously.
The Wee Bean is now 5 months old (holy smokes!)....  this will be a new part of our journey.
I hope you can follow along with our family adventures.  They are all blessings!


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