August 6, 2012

Weekend wrap up!

We had an awesome weekend.
I'm tired, way behind on "chores", and it is a bit late for this Mumma to still be up.
Just had to share a couple of highlights from a super HOT, FUN, FAMILY weekend at the farm.

Just a few POPSICLES!

Fly patrol.

Watched nephews get down and dirty in the Wild Pony Ride at the Strathmore Stampede

Watched little birdies get the gutz up to fly.

Spent LOADS of time in Mumma's arms (and a few more popsicles).

Enjoyed fresh food.  Organic. Real!  From our farm.

And so many other great moments.
Happy short week! Happy Heritage Day!

1 comment:

  1. Is carrying the "not so wee" bean the secret to your great arms? :) Love these!


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