December 29, 2016

These smiles!

No gifts from Christmas were touched today.

3 hours straight… outside.
Shovelling, falling down, chilly toes, snow mustaches, forts and secret pathways.

It is still snowing.
Tomorrow we press repeat!

They like winter I guess?

These snowsuits are BURTON.  Without a doubt the best snowsuits we have ever had 
(and we have had MANY!).
Light weight, warm, stretchy.  I wish I had one.

December 17, 2016

Polar Express!

The spirit and meaning of Christmas means just about anything we want it to.
Anything happy, magical, kind, and playful.
All we have to do is BELIEVE...

Our littles are at an amazing age for Christmas traditions.
I am so grateful for the time we shared with family this year.
Thank you Grama & Papa for an amazing experience.
The Aspen Crossing POLAR EXPRESS!
 If you've ever watched the movie or read the book this is a wonderful way to make the story come to life. 

What a way to make memories!
I know I can't wait to do it again next year.
Worth the drive, time and energy.  Truly great value for any age.
And if you plan to make it happen... book your tickets in SEPTEMBER!!!!

November 1, 2016

Tricky Treats!

These two little stinkers had a crazy busy Halloween week.
Complete with sugar overload, fresh air, late summer like temperatures, costume designs and a tiny Bat Girl.
This year our Buggy and Bean are PERFECT ages.
We had a BLAST.
We spent the evening with amazing friends running around a safe, gorgeous neighborhood.
Feeling like our buckets were full to the brim.... and our pillow cases with candy.

I'm beyond behind at blogging my favorite two smiles.
Be prepared for operation CATCH UP!!

PS.  We STILL have candy.  Who wants some!?

October 17, 2016


We celebrated with a bouncy castle, friends, family, hot dogs and a lot of laughter.
HAPPY SIX celebration to our Wee Bean.  We love you so much little big man.

October 7, 2016

After school

A little late day location scouting.

And then it snowed.

I guess we will do it again next week.
Love these two.
So thankful for these two.
(& also these two may drive me bonkers).

Happy long weekend!

October 1, 2016

TRI hard

We love the triathlon community. It is very dear to my heart.

I have spent endless hours doing and loving all three.
Now our Andrew is embracing the triathlon world in his own awesome way.  We have a blast watching him meet new kids, learn new rules, and breath in the fresh air.

The Fernie Tri is such a positive and well organized event.  Kids of all ages and levels join in and it is a gas watching them all do their thing.

He finishes healthy and smiling and waving his hands in the air.  It was straight out of a movie.

We are so proud of our Wee Bean.  He competes like  a total champ and smiles huge the entire way!
WAY TO GO ANDREW!  You are a Triathlete once again.

(If he is anything like his Mom he enjoys the snacks at the end too.)


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