August 8, 2012


One of my favorite people had her second little love.
Baby girl QUINN.
She is tiny.
Already smiles.
and is the most alert newborn I've ever held.
She is already so loved...

Quinn McKenzie Fritzler!
Newborn photography is by far the biggest challenge I've faced so far.
It is hands down just plain hard.
Love to hold those minis but as a Mumma myself I know the value of a peaceful sleep.  My guilt sensor was on overload.
Thank you Lindy for inviting me into your home twice to learn from your baby girl.
I have so many close friends welcoming new babies into this world in the next few months.  So many blessings ahead.
I'm hoping to snuggle them and perhaps capture a few memories.
The time spent with Quinn provided me with so much learning, not to mention, little baby luv.
I'm so grateful.
One of my favorite photographers and friend is getting set to have their first baby.
I'm so excited to learn from her and their new baby boy when he arrives.  
Please check out her site here, she did newborn photos of our Bean when she was just learning.  Love her....


  1. Great pics! You've got a great eye. What a beautiful baby :)

  2. Anonymous9.8.12

    Thank you so much for taking those photos. It was wonderful to have you over. Thanks for understanding when I couldn't get her to sleep! The photos are precious to me...thank you.

  3. LOVE these! You did an incredible job. And thank-you for the mention, you are too sweet! Can't wait to get to work documenting our little man.


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