November 18, 2017

Because Santa...

One wanted nothing to do with the big guy... and we are learning the important battles (this was not one of them).
One has always been happy to sit with Santa and chat.

In the end, I captured great photos of both my babies in their comfortable spot, at my very own 3rd Annual Santa Sessions.  Such a magical time for all of us.


November 11, 2017

November 4, 2017

Still THREE!

For just one more month.

She love ponies and chucking rocks in the water.
Hot dogs, milk, noodles with butter, and clam chowder.

Cupcakes, critters, cracking jokes and making toot sounds.

She isn't a fan of being centre of attention and she still lives for her sussy (YUP) and her stuffies.

She can whistle, write her own name, count to 20 and knows her colours in Spanish.

We love her beyond words and are so happy she is ours.
Her smile is beautiful!

Anna Claire Jessie, AKA, Baby Buggy.
To the moon and back girlie, 3 times!

October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat!

Costumes had been decided for weeks.  Possibly months?
Anna did a 180 basically as we were walking out the front door to Trick or Treat with friends.
From Lion to Princess in the blink of an eye, literally.
The irony is that if you know Anna.... this describes her personality to the TEE.  So to us, it was a perfect transition.
And our calm and cool Bean had his mind made up by mid summer... again not a surprise, he is a man who makes long term decisions, in ADVANCE (LINK from Zelda).

Hope your house was filled with sugar highs and excitement like ours was all day.

I will likely be a bad parent for mentioning this but we don't really limit treats at our house.  Our kids honestly love them as all of us do but because it is no big deal to have chocolate, chips, or a slurpee they really weren't loosing their mind over the candy.  It is interesting.  They like good clean foods most of the time, Brussel sprouts and broccoli included, yup, I don't lie.

Each year in September I dispose of candy from the year before that never is eaten.  I don't hide it or make a big deal of it.  They both can reach it and know exactly where it is.  After 2 days of free reign they could care less and are on to the next challenge.

It is a win win, they learn control, Dad and I get to eat the candy.  HA!


September 21, 2017

2017. Triathlete.

The Triathlon community was such a huge part of my life.  I miss those days deeeeeeeply.

I embrace it now through my tiny Triathlete!
Could not be more proud of our fella.
His happy nature, willingness to get out there and DO IT, and skillz... this kid has SKILLZ!

3rd year participating in the Fernie Triathlon for kiddos.  What an awesome adventure!
You inspire me.

This event is put together by volunteers and donations, all of it.
They do a wonderful job keeping the kids smiling, giggling, learning and SAFE!
Such a great way to support the kids, community, and learn together the value of physical activity rules and self confidence.

So much of it is about FRIENDSHIP!
(Andrew and his buddy from school, Zach)

September 5, 2017



He loves school.  We are beyond grateful.
I mean he really loves it.  He cried on the last day of grade one.  Whaaaaaaaat?
Let's see how long that lasts.
We feel we made a great choice when we chose a language program for Andrew.  Opportunity awaits.

He looks forward to:
* making new friends
* improving at the monkey bars
* reading more science and math in Spanish.

YUP... grateful.

Isn't our Wee Bean so handsome!

August 21, 2017

Summer nights with buddies

We are enjoying every final moment of summer vacation.
Summer nights.  Friends.  Fresh air.

Don't let that sad haze fool you.  IT IS HOT!!!

August 11, 2017


We are going hard with this summer holidays stuff!
Hazy skies.  Smores, swimming, biking, hiking. Late nights, early mornings, and so much junk food.
Spending the majority of our time AWAY from the city in our happy place has been so satisfying to this Mom.
I feel so grateful to be able to have this time.

Annnnnnd my kids may be driving me slightly nuts as we are approaching mid August ... I'll admit it.
Give me all the steeped tea..... and chips.... and naps!

I have managed to tackle all back to school shopping (online) and catch up on my own work.
Feeling so good about this summer.

We will stay until we need to go to school.

Happy Summer.

Dear Mother Nature....
Please bring some rain to relieve our poor landscape, those fighting fires and with homes and livelihoods in danger.  We need it so bad.



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