December 23, 2012

Oh the weather outside...

Uhm yeah.
It is winter!

Good thing the big guy that drives the sleigh is a fan!
Oh, and Rudolf is a huge help I've heard.  Amen to Rudolf...

Sleep well everyone, Christmas times a comin!

December 21, 2012

Winter.Not my favorite?

Winter is not usually my favorite.
These photos may lead you to believe otherwise. Don't be fooled.
Like it or not Mamma Nature has changed her oufit... might as well take a few opictures of it!

Life according to my iPhone...
All taken on my iPhone 4 and brought into Instagram!
Look for me as PlusOneWeeBean in Instagram!

December 20, 2012

Santa appears...

Today was Santa photo day.

We have done a bit of practicing this week.
And a LOT of talking about it.
We may have coached Beanie on what to say and do.
And we indeed used candy and digger bribery techniques in hopes of decreasing the drama at the actual event.

Christmas wouldn't be cancelled if a great Santa photo wasn't taken.
Some family members think it wouldn't be cancelled but this Mumma loves big Santa smiles.
And I happen to know Papa, Grama & Nama are big fans of the traditional photos we give them.

I just had a feeling this would be the year for Santa freak outs.
See here for a not so successful Santa attempt at Daddy's corporate party a few weeks back...

All in all a huge success.
Little man listens and remembers and followed the practiced script to a tee!
Dude made his Mumma & Dad proud x 100!
(This is the 3rd year in a row sitting on this exact Santa's lap.)

The warm up small talk...
Keeping Tankie close...
Saying CHEEZE to the other camera...
Baby boy is getting so big!
We celebrated with a round of diggers!

Thank you Santa!

December 16, 2012

My loves...

I can't help but be all kinds of emo this weekend.
We just never know the path our crazy world will take us down.
Hug your loves, big and small, super tight!
Then hug them once more....

Happy Sunday!
Here are photos of my special boys.
LOVE them times a million!
(even if the first one wakes me at 2 am!  GRR!)

December 12, 2012

Somewhere in rural AZ!

We ventured to a very unique Gourd farm last week.
Wuertz Farm is as rural as it gets.
And we loved it!

Do you have any idea what kind of artistic magic can be done with GOURDS?
Check THIS out...
Not really my style of decoration but Gourd art is pretty amazing.

30 degrees.
Tractors galore.
What else does one need really?


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