October 31, 2012

Holiday fever...

I've been know to BAH HUM BUG a lot of early holiday festivities.
I can't help it.
I see the hub bub that comes along with holidays as a bit of 'noise' and distraction from the true meaning of the celebrations.
Holidays of peace and relaxation seem to turn into drama, hussle/bussle, and tears far too often.

Is Halloween really a HOLIDAY?
I'm not sure but this year we threw up lights and balloons and carved the damned pumpkins 4 days early.
Tell your friends.
This Mumma may be softening?
not too fast....

There was wine and good eats and some pretty fine company to ring in the traditional pumpkin carving family night.
And when I say traditional, I mean the first annual, first of many, or basically just the first.

Here are some photos from our 4 day prep.
Costume pictures (cue drama and tears) to follow closer to the weekend.

The Trick or Treat sugar buzz is wearing off and this Mumma is coming doooooooooooown!

Beanie BEAR! 2011
(first ever taste of candy) last years post here.here and here.

 Beanie BONES! 2012
(well versed in candy aka choco-babies)

October 25, 2012

Back in September...

I've been meaning to post some photos from this year's harvest.
The weather was amazing.
The sunsets were out of this world.
The warmth and stillness was something I wish I could package up and feed to city folks!

For Terra Velde Farms.
My family.

A very significant time of year.

October 23, 2012

More friends... more memories!

The pretty boss.
The big deal boss.
The real boss!!!

Spent a really pretty afternoon with these friends.
Baby boy is going to break some hearts one day.  WOW!

October 21, 2012

Hippos, Stars & Sunshine...

Guaranteed to make you tap your toes.
crack a smile
and quite possibly shed a tear.

These play over and over in our home these days.


October 20, 2012

How I roll...

This is me.
While I work.
Glamorous hey!
I love it.

As a Mom who loves to take photos I recognize the fact that I'm not usually in them.
So I'll document my presence in my own way I suppose...

Its a dirty job.
I'm happy to do it.

Happy weekend ya'll.

October 18, 2012

Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving weekend marks the anniversary of our wee Bean's arrival.
He showed up just in time to change our turkey dinner plans two years ago.
This Thanksgiving we spent a morning at Heritage Park with Papa and Grama learning about our agricultural Heritage.
Walking around, hearing their childhood stories, memories and view of 'how it used to be' makes me realize how important it is to be thankful, everyday, for where I have come from.
Agriculture is the heart and soul of so much of our area.
Heritage Park presents these valuable stories in an amazing, and peaceful way.

I wish you could have heard this story...

Menorahs fascinate me. Such beauty!

Thankful everyday for the family, healthy, and time to be able to share.
That may seem like photo overload....
Some carryover another time from dinner at Nama's later that day!


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