September 28, 2013

#ktownkraziness2013 #kelownakraziness2013

It has been a while since I did an Instagram purge...
Here is one all from our yearly trip to Kelowna early September.  Likely our last getaway as a family of THREE.  Saying that out loud makes me nervous and pretty damned excited!

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September 26, 2013

Nothing Runs Like A Deere!

Can't really argue with that now can you?!

Harvest is coming to a close and someone is just getting warmed up.
As I kid I spent endless hours in combines and tractors. Snacks, homework, conversation, around and around the field.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

Andrew seems to know more about rural life and farming mechanics than a lot of adults will know in a lifetime.  I'm really proud of that and he isn't quite 3.
Kiddos these days just seem to pick up everything so fast.  Ask this kid about the process of harvest, he'll tell you right down to the detail of flour making noodles and donuts.  He has been coached, but he knows.

It was mentioned that a mouse went into the canola swath today and maybe ended up in the combine.
Bean translation later ... "We chopped a chipmunk!"

Details! Details!

Cookie baking with Grama is becoming very routine around these parts.
Diggers and dump trucks add to the ambiance!

Happy Fall, happy harvest, blessings galore.

September 23, 2013

FALL is here.

 and where I am from it is indeed one of the prettiest seasons...

Grama has the most amazing garden and her pumpkin patch is stellar this year. (Grama, is that a cucumber in your pocket?)

This is John Deere country...
(there is a Wee Bean in that John Deere with his Papa!)

September 14, 2013

Preschool ahead. SIGH!

Preschool "meet the teacher" was this week.
I'm not really jacked up on the idea of "school" at such an early age, I'll be honest, Beanie isn't even THREE!

He met new kids, explored new corners, and kept his eyes close on Mumma & Dad.
In an hour he has a few Spanish words in his vocabulary already.  Beyond cute!

We will see how PLAY SCHOOL goes and do our best to get there when we do.
It's important for us all (so I'm told) to break away from each other from time to time.
Part of growing and understanding the real world.

Should be truly interesting when he realizes Mumma isn't staying each time....

September 8, 2013

September 2, 2013

Bean S'MORE creation...

Tonight we had a DY-NO-MITE cook out.
Like as in 'memories-for-years' kind of cook out.

** camp fire - CHECK
** hot dogs - CHECK
** mustard - CHECK
** bud light - CHECK (ok, well maybe just for Dad)
** pack of no name marshmallows - CHECK

Without a doubt, a new yearly tradition.

A few from only part of our cook out.
Summer is still shinning bright in our parts!

S'mores followed by a hot tub to wear off the sugar high.
Huge success to the wee man.
More from our cook out shortly ...


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