January 30, 2013

January 28, 2013


We are full on into creating, coloring, watching, and scribbling mode.
Like every phase after the next... this one is my favorite.
Right handed?
Left handed?
Who knows, who cares?
The pistons are firing... the wires are sparking, it is so fun watching his wheels turn and imagine.
Create and discuss with himself.

Thank you Nama for the coloring books!

January 24, 2013

Friday favorites!

If it isn't magically obvious... I'm a photo lover.
An Instagram obsesser.
An iphone photo nut.
A lover of all things Tim Hortons, skulls, pink, and country.
I love every moment I share at home with my wee Bean... including poo diapers, ipad tantrums, digger dings in our walls, and messes we make.
I don't always smile while I love each of these moments.
Life is kindest to my heart when I keep things simple!

I'm a bit of a blog wh*re.  I love Mom blogs, country blogs, blogs about critters and kids, and pictures documenting life's loves.
I scan blogs every day for inspiration, therapy, guidance, prayer, and advice on staying sane.
I often come across THINGS I LOVE blogs that package up pretty things, amazing reads, stylish clothes... 
I don't relate to any of that stuff.
My Friday Favorite posts are jam packed with photos I've taken this past couple of days....

Happy Weekend.

January 21, 2013


Be careful.
Not a wise idea to get between this wee man and his diggers.

And safety is always taken into consideration on his job sites.
Helmets on!
Bean the Builder.
He LOVES to make, build, fix, tear apart!

Dude loves his diggers.

January 17, 2013

Baby Dinosaurs - Etsy find!

My most favorite baby gift.
Something I feel all new littles I know should have....
Personal, affordable, darling, and delivered to your door.

Check out Courtney's shop on Etsy.com
ALLTHINGSCOURTNEY.  She is so wonderful to work with and gets these wee dinos to your home safely and quickly (from Toronto).
Thank you Courtney for providing me with these beautiful keepsakes!
I will continue to give these fun keepsakes.

January 14, 2013


So grateful for health and love.
For calm & opportunity.
So thankful for faith and belief.
For Andrew and Darcy.
So hopeful for peace and direction.
For meant to be & do not disturb.

It leads me to some really nice places every single day...


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