August 31, 2015


I've been taking so many of these both on vacation and at home but I never take the time to post them here.

Taken with my iPhone.
Gotta love technology!

August 27, 2015


The destructive forest fires this summer have claimed hearts, livelihoods, heritage, and so many acres of productive beautiful land.
It's so very heartbreaking.
Some images I captured of the haze filled sky.

Wishing all of these families and landowners safety and recovery.
I can't even imagine.

August 26, 2015

Project 52 continues!

My commitment to this project is still alive and well….

One photo.
Each week.
52 weeks.
Only one That's REALLY HARD for me.

A few more images from the past few weeks

August 25, 2015

Forest Fire Haze and a Prayer.

I did a photo shoot today at this exact location.  
The haze was intense in the most beautiful of ways.
It adds an amazing 'mood' to my photos yes. 
However, I can't imagine what the families and folks in the surrounding burning areas are dealing with.
Their lives, history, and heritage is being taken from them by incredibly senseless and selfish mistakes.
Cigarettes out the windows disgust me.
 In so many cases this summer they have managed to destroy beautiful surroundings.

Sending heavy prayers to those families, lives and businesses that have been affected by such devastating forest fires this summer in BC and Washington.

August 22, 2015

The Eastlands.

Pre bedtime walk/bike/hike.
In an amazing area right close to home.

One likes to rip down the hills. One likes to eat saskatoons & sniff flowers.

Progress is happening in this area.
We can't get away from it.
Google #savetheslopes for more information.

We are so grateful for this beautiful area in our own back yard.

Happy weekend to you and yours!

August 16, 2015


She's really really REALLY good at messes.
I kringe and stand back.

Makin em!

PS. Vanilla greek yogurt leaves a nasty film… EVERYWHERE.

Isn't she cute!

August 14, 2015

Beat the heat?!

It got up to 36.5 degrees C here this week.
How the hell do people function in this weather?
Seriously?  HOW!?

I'm beyond grateful we splurged and installed AC this July.
If you are thinking of it… do it.  So worth it!

THIS is how I feel about this heat….

THIS is how we feel about popsicles and all things frozen in this heat…

And these popsicle random photo shoots may turn into a tradition because obviously they are enjoying them…

Be careful how close you get… this is a messy job.

It is very safe to say my children are protective of their icy treats...

Happy Summertime… I think.
If you need us we will be getting giggly on sugary frozen pops!


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