August 21, 2012


We are adding to our family!
No, not another baby. Ha! Got ya!
I've officially created a Photography Company.
I kind of feel like we've just birthed another child.
I have limited business skills at this point but lucky for me I have great family and friends to lean on. I've thrown myself into this with an open heart and mind and am hoping to pick up tips and learn along the way.

ShutterBEAN Photography is open for business!
I'm still working on learning and understanding this love of mine, set up prices etc., but I've spent time with some wonderful folks and have come a long way.
Thanks Laurie, a very soon Mamma to be and friend. She's been a big inspiration to me and will continue to be my BEAN's official photographer when she is off maternity leave.
HUGE shout out!
Find ShutterBEAN Photography on Facebook! LIKE me on Facebook.
Of course I've set things up and snuck off on holidays with no steady wifi connection for a few days (i never said i was brilliant). I'll get to some updating in between cold fruity drinks and beach time with my amazing wee man!
Have a great week! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!


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