January 31, 2015

PROJECT 52. Images of Inspiration for 2015.

I'm so proud to say I am part of a group of Professional Photographers sharing, learning, and inspiring each other with our personal images.

One photo.
Each week.
52 weeks.


I'd love to share where I am at with this so far...

Week 1. Gratitude.

Week 2. Bokeh.

Week 3. Music

Week 4. Cake.

Good bye January!

February, listen up….  Bring us good health and rest.
That is really all I'm asking for.

January 23, 2015

The day we were married...

started like this…

and ended like this…

Such an awesome day.
I'm finally working my way through 2014 photos.
Our wedding trip is where I chose to start.
What a trip!
I hope we go back to visit ever few years for as long as we are able.

January 22, 2015

Going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO!

A few more looks back.

Wishing and hoping for an early Spring?

NO idea where our little man gets his SAS.  No idea?!

Butterflies.  True little miracles.

It appears one is not as impressed as the other?

We've made many trips to the zoo since these images.  It's such a fun place for our family.

January 20, 2015

Lakeside. Looking back...

Somehow… someway… I missed posting this.
It comes at a perfect time though.
Mid January blues and lack of sunshine (it really isn't so rough around here though).
A look back at some time we spent at Surveyors Lake in BC.
We love this place.
(& Bug looks so tiny!!)

January 19, 2015

In season...

Popsicles are always in season around our home.
We make our own.
We buy them.
We share them.
You name it…  we just really love popsicles.

And by WE I mean the two tiny ice hounds that rule our existence.

Bless these sticky silly faces!
(someone always ends up with popsicle in their hair.  Every. Single. Time.)


(why the heck don't they sell all grape flavoured packages of popsicles?  WHY?!)

January 18, 2015

Out of the house.

Officially 2 weeks post knee surgery.
Officially OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Back to welcoming routines and fresh air.  I've been taking those for granted.
I love routines, who am I kidding?  AMEN!
I feel as though Spring arrived.  We aren't being fools about that though.
We know what waits around that corner.
Oh yes, we know.

In the meantime.
We shovel, sweep, bust out sandbox toys, breath in the cool fresh air and teach Buggy about staying on the sidewalk.

The big brother is very particular about his shovelling technique.
(no idea where he gets that from - ha…)

January 14, 2015


Happy 45th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

Can you imagine being married for 45 years?!
To the same person?!

They make it look easy.

Love you two so much!

January 9, 2015

In the swing of Winter...

We are in the full swing of winter here.  FULL!
Someone is ok with photos… someone is way too cool.
I'll let you decide who is who.

Just a few days off of knee surgery means I have not left our home in 8 days.  8 days with NO FRESH AIR!
Good times.
It also means very few photos were taken this week.  Boo.
But these two kiddos have me crawling and moving and appreciating in all different ways.
I snapped a few pictures from our back step, it is as close as I could safely get to fresh air. 
Don't tell Darcy or my Mom I was down there.

I hope the weekend brings you happy fresh air and a restful week.

a sincere thanks to my family and friends who have helped me/us this weekend.
I can't really explain how grateful I am.  You've done my laundry, fed my family, taken out my garbage, washed my floor, played on the carpet with my babies and given me a rest.
Bless you!  Seriously, BLESS YOU!


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