October 31, 2013

Halloween BEAN!

Happy Halloween!!!

Every year it gets more and more crazy, and sugary, and chaotic.
This year he got it.  Dialed it in big time.
So fun seeing our wee Bean come out of his shell and cruise the streets and high five the neighbors we very rarely see.
Even it if was only an hour.
And handing out the candy was perhaps just as fun for him.  Awesome spirit of giving!

Good night!
Hope you had a safe and enjoyable Halloween whatever you got up to.

(I'll give it 24 hours before the candy finds a new home... some may already be packed up for Daddy's office. It's too much sugaaaaaaaaar!)

October 27, 2013

First Snowfall!

We knew it was coming...
Just not quite so soon.

We barely made it home from Fernie before the shreeks for snowman building began.
Someone was a big fan of helping and getting right at it...

The big question was....

When is Santa coming? 

Happy Winter everyone?!

October 26, 2013

October 17, 2013

Wee Bean goes MONKEY!

A talented friend and fellow Photographer holds a superb tradition each year....
Halloween Monster Mini Photo Sessions.

She captured these images of our wee man a few weeks ago.

There was no fuss or debate putting on this warm and fuzzy suit this year.  AMEN.

Andrew insists that he will be going Trick or Treating as a John Deere COMBINE this year, not a monkey....
Still working on how the he!! we are going to make that happen.  Anyone? Anyone?
We are hoping Papa comes up with some sort of magic cuz this Mumma has zero creative talents.
In the mean time, he humoured us and put on this warm fuzzy for a few tearless minutes.

** These photos are all taken by Laurie @ Through Laurie's Lens**

Thank you Laurie!

Cutest Monkey ever?!

October 15, 2013

October 12, 2013


Let's spend more time listening to Artists like this than Miley Cyrus....

If this doesn't make you tap your toes then you need to take your shoes off.  FEEL HAPPY INDEED!

ALWAYS easy to listen and listen and listen to this well know ditty...


October 3, 2013

Welcoming FALL!

Uhmmmmm, when did the 10 year old show up?!
We are embracing Fall (I'm still refusing to put my flip flops away), sampling Halloween candies (because we can) and dog sitting our favorite pup Joey (we secretly may not be giving him back!).
Oh yeah, and preparing for the wee baby Buggy Bug that is about to show up in a few weeks (no idea the gender).

LIFE IS GOOD and not lacking any excitement!!!

October 1, 2013

We renovate!

Fernie House 2 is almost done with renovations... well, phase one anyway.
This weekend we picked away at a few things on our list...
It is so much less stressful being able to do renos at whatever pace we want to and feel like.
This renovation has been very little stress and dare I almost say FUN?! Likely because we didn't do most of it ourselves (BEST IDEA EVER BTW).

Our little Engineer in the making is getting a kick out of watching and learning and jabbering about it all the following weeks.  He loves to build and make this kid of ours.

But of course...

May I just add he NEVER touches the power tools and there are always extra eyes behind him.

This weekend was a big break through.  He discovered the "ear muffs" (his words).
He is usually lecturing us to turn things off because they are too youd, yes, YOUD!
Instead he just lectured us with a smile, with ear muffs on.


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