September 21, 2017

2017. Triathlete.

The Triathlon community was such a huge part of my life.  I miss those days deeeeeeeply.

I embrace it now through my tiny Triathlete!
Could not be more proud of our fella.
His happy nature, willingness to get out there and DO IT, and skillz... this kid has SKILLZ!

3rd year participating in the Fernie Triathlon for kiddos.  What an awesome adventure!
You inspire me.

This event is put together by volunteers and donations, all of it.
They do a wonderful job keeping the kids smiling, giggling, learning and SAFE!
Such a great way to support the kids, community, and learn together the value of physical activity rules and self confidence.

So much of it is about FRIENDSHIP!
(Andrew and his buddy from school, Zach)

September 5, 2017



He loves school.  We are beyond grateful.
I mean he really loves it.  He cried on the last day of grade one.  Whaaaaaaaat?
Let's see how long that lasts.
We feel we made a great choice when we chose a language program for Andrew.  Opportunity awaits.

He looks forward to:
* making new friends
* improving at the monkey bars
* reading more science and math in Spanish.

YUP... grateful.

Isn't our Wee Bean so handsome!


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