April 30, 2012

Joey series...

Dogs see all and forgive all.
They are a wonderful gift.
Joey was a stray and is a package of all kinds of perfect love wrapped in fur.
Andrew and Joey continue to speak their own language to each other.  Forever BFFs. 
Watching them grow and love each other brings me so much joy.

(last few are a wee bit fuzzy)

April 29, 2012

Dirt series...

Embracing MUD!
I child's right of passage wouldn't you agree?
Mother Nature supplies it... We take advantage of it.

My blogs this week are all about earth, nature, and Bean's growing love with all things outside!
Please share your thoughts....

April 26, 2012

Sharing the JOY!

(warning - serious photo overload!)

A cousin!
They make the greatest

It was a bunch of fun to have Nama and cousin Braiden join us in Fernie last weekend.
Once again, having healthy family to help with and share the love is sugar and sprinkles on top of our amazing ice cream sundae called LIFE!

Walking, jammies, parks, swimming, coffee drinking... some serious weekend time!
Spring is in full effect and the critters big and small are hiding in the greatest of places.
B isn't a fan of bugs and everywhere we turned, little creatures with tiny legs tried to high five him.  He was NOT impressed.

Nama gave us all some intense lessons at rock throwing.
She has a 'mean' right arm for a lefty!
And once in a while I'll get a shot in with my mini...
Sharing with family is wonderful!


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