August 13, 2012

Lil J!

It is true what they say, surround yourself with folks you want to be like.
I must be smack dab right in the middle of this amazing circle right now. The opportunity to meet great families is all around me.  
Perhaps all these wonderful's are in similar circles for a reason?
Whatever the reason, I am so grateful to continue my journey of learning photography with this family.

Glenda & Mark, thank you so much for sharing.

And their seriously amazing kiddos... Joshua and Starsky!

During my own mini's nap time and bedtime I'm working through the fun photos we took last night in Mark & Glenda's yard.
So grateful to share time with this family.  Their story melts my heart in ways I can't explain on a blog.
They are a breath of fresh air to say the least and I'm thrilled to go around and around in that circle of wonderful peeps!

Joshua is a pretty darling ONE year, ONE week old!
His selective shyness had me wrapped around his finger.  Heart! Heart! Heart!

Stay tuned for more of J and his family!


  1. Charlene14.8.12

    AWESOME JOB YOU DID ON THE SESSION!!! LOVE the pics!! my Fave - if i was to pick is the one on the stairs - so sweet and love the coloring..
    Great job!!

  2. These turned out amazing!!

  3. They really are a wonderful family! Great job capturing them so well :)


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