August 4, 2012

Park Park!

We spend heeps of time in the parks since our home is surrounded by great ones.
Water parks are just one of many wee perks that hang out with summer.
Staying home with my little love is a huge blessing but I do wonder if I'm getting a bit boring to play with in the sandbox.
Socializing is one of life's ways to learn so many lessons and the park is such a simple way to meet other kids. Perhaps as a Mumma I've picked up a tip or two as well, like how to nicely step away from the looooooooong talkers.  HA!
These are somewhat shadowy photos but tell a pretty wonderful story of our family in the summer.
Summer is so short, we soak up the water parks in Calgary a LOT and this year has been really great for late afternoon water park sessions!
No better way to celebrate summer than a picnic in the park! Hello burgers & fries!
And as per usual, DEE DEE the Digger always joins us.  ALWAYS!

sorry for the cleavage photo bomb.  eek!
Hello pretty girl!
No standing on the slide please Bean.  YEAH RIGHT!

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