April 21, 2017

Downtown Parks

We've been exploring new parks in areas we aren't familiar with.
Downtown parkin on a FREEZING PD day!

These two make my heart CRAZY CRAZY in love.

April 14, 2017

Good Friday...

We spend the morning dealing with one sick Buggy... she has caught ever bug, virus, cold, and barf from here to timbucktwo this past year.

But after a long nap we salvaged our day and created ADVENTURE.
For me personally, it is a perfect place to reflect on the meaning of GOOD FRIDAY.

I am incredibly grateful for my family.
I am incredibly grateful for this HOLY day and the sacrifices associated with this day.
I don't focus my posts on religion ever but I am a believer in Jesus.

April 1, 2017

Dear April

We are so happy to see you.
No foolin!

These images come after spending 2 very long days inside with the flu.
I could not think of a better spot to enjoy clean, quiet, healthy air.

And I'll leave you with this....
Accurate display of their personalities?
Equally as beautiful.  

Welcome April. 


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