August 22, 2012


HAW DEE DAYS! (Holidays) is our newest word.
Grama & Papa were recently away for a 3 week adventure and since Bean is used to seeing them so much the only way we could explain the absence was to help him understand Holidays.
It comes out just like that HAW DEE DAYS...
And now....

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Before leaving the city we saw this unique set up!
Check them out on Facebook (Tractor Canada).
Agriculture is perhaps one of the most under appreciated industries and one of the most important.  It feeds our people, long before Safeway and Superstore were ever a dream.  

Road trips with littles involve many a pit stop!

I've been visiting this corner of heaven since I was a little girl.
I have so many summer memories as a youngster and teenager from Mara Lake, BC.
I'm so happy to share it with our little for a second time.

My Bean can dig and load dirt like nobody's business!
He is a hard core sand mover in his mini sand box at home so right about now I believe he is in heaven.

Our bedtimes are pushed and shifted to enjoy every bit of beach time we can.

And we are so grateful for Grama!
She shares her paradise with our entire family all summer long.
This is her original dream!

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