November 30, 2012

The GOOD stuff!

Life is very short.

Eat donuts.
Eat FRESH donuts.
Then look around.
Reach out.  And eat one more.
& whatever you do....don't count any of the calories.
No one needs to know.
One last thing... be thankful for every single bite.

Have a beautiful weekend!


November 29, 2012

November 28, 2012

5:15 PM!

Mamma Nature never disappoints in this part of the world.
Casa Grande, Arizona.
Isn't she pretty.
(almost no edits required.  wow)

November 27, 2012


Before leaving for vacation I did 6 photo shoots in 6 days.
Exhausted and Grateful.

I'm working on catching up and looking at our friend's perfect new man WILLIAM. 
He makes me feel happy I have the opportunities to take photos as much or as little as I want.
Doesn't he leave you with a sigh...


November 25, 2012


It is Movember.
Everyone knows what that means....
The three men in my life are making this mustache thing look good.
And by "good" I mean... uhm.  Well.
They are making this mustachio thing look real.
And for the record I think my 60 something Dad is the only one that has earned the mustache rights.

And my wee man is getting more and more handsome each day.

I am thankful for these three men each and everyday.
To have them all by my side is just down right awesome!

Black Friday?!

I honestly don't understand...
Trampling over fellow Americans the day after you've celebrated LOVE, PEACE, and THANKS with your closest loves?
Not sure that makes sense to me.
Spent the day with my loves on an airplane and in an airport and loved every minute.
Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to explore all kinds of wonderful (and WARM) places.
To sunshine, palm trees & Dunkin Donuts I say CHEERS!

November 22, 2012


Good bye.

Bring on the heat!
I am thankful for trips to PHOENIX with my family, to my family!


November 20, 2012

Instagram block!

Feeling hugely thankful these days.
Winter has decided to come for a visit again... but we are trying to put our happy pants on.
Off to PHX in a few short days to see Grama & Papa.  HELLO SUMMER!
A few pics of my loves from earlier this past weekend.
Forever thankful!

(All photos taken on my iPhone and edited in Instagram.  You can follow me at plusoneweebean!)

November 19, 2012

Corporate Christmas BOO.

Last weekend we hit up Daddy's Corporate Kids Christmas party.
It was a very generous display of sparkles, flashy lights, bouncy castles and crying overtired kids of all ages dropping like flies.  Ok it wasn't that bad but on our way out to make it home before naps snuck up, we heard cries of sugar overload and tantrums galore.  Borderline funny.  No, seriously funny. Come on!

Anyway.... the big stand by Santa - be happy - get your damned picture taken thing didn't go over well.
I had a hunch this was THAT year.

Even the super cute smiling kid elf creeped out Beanie...

The ridiculously large tables overflowing with gifts didn't really impress him.  Not gonna lie.  I'm kinda happy that he could care less about gifts and nearly lost his mind over bouncy castles and silly cars.  The amount of gifts on these table was overwhelming to my eyes.  Children in many nations could only dream.  Generous - certainly.  Overboard - HELL YES... oh here comes Mamma Grinch!

Looks like our boy likes other things this year.  We are cool with that!
There will be plenty of years ahead for gift overload.

On a happy note, my sweet niece Aysha thought Santa was pretty wonderful!  Her Mamma works with Daddy.  Aysha was thrilled in her own quiet way.


I am so thankful for these generous opportunities our work provides for our children.  We are so very fortunate to live in the land of plenty.  WOW!

November 18, 2012

Honey Lemon Salad dressing.

My favorite dressing on the planet.
Easy, fast, light!
I find this best on salads with nuts and cheese (uhm hello, everything is better with cheese).
I found this gem in a tiny house style restaurant in Revelstoke BC.
Sadly the spot is no longer around, but I was smart enough to buy a recipe book there way back when.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  I make large batches and am never disappointed.

Honey Lemon Salad Dressing
200 ml Honey
350 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
450 ml Canola Oil
15 ml Salt
5 ml White Pepper

Combine all ingredients, whisk together and store unused portion in a covered container in the refrigerator.

November 17, 2012

That season is around the corner...

I ended my week long Tim Hortons ban.
It was a long week.  I think I'll try it again this coming week.  Because I can!


November 16, 2012


We sing a lot!
And by a lot I mean all the time, even if the words make no sense.
We will have these classic tunes nailed down by Christmas!
Today I am thankful to have spent the entire day with my favorite Bean.
And as the cherry on top I had visits with two very special girlfriends and their boys.

Happy weekend everyone!

November 15, 2012


The art of capturing our children when they aren't looking is a huge challenge for me these days.
We've hit the TWO and too cool for the camera phase.

Sadly I've discovered the TV can help me cheat a wee bit.
Toppy & Binoo to be exact!

And once in a while I can snag his attention to the lens.

Been working a bit on understanding light.
It is no easy mountain to trek over.  
In a nutshell, light is hard!

Chocolate (aka choca-babies), Toopy & Binoo and a stern look.
Not a bad day on the ranch I'd say.

So thankful for this chocolate mess!
(even though he did skip his nap today - lil bugger!)
You can find this chocolate recipe here.. it is AWESOMENESS!

November 14, 2012

September with the cousins...

(heavy kid photo post)

I'm having an "I wish it was spring" kind of day.
I'm afraid I'll have to wait another 6 months or so.
This brought me back to looking at summer photos.
Perhaps I'm a bit behind at taking a close look at all of these shots.
Here are a few of my favorites....
September long weekend at the lake with Darcy's family.
The boys are all so close in age, it is so much fun watching them learn from one another.
There is an obvious pecking order... hilarious!
Nama has 4 grandSONS.  No pressure to the three girls to have a little miss at all!
Thankful for the memories we create over this weekend!



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