March 29, 2012

Library Time

I'm not a big reader.
I'm not super proud of it but I can't seem to sit still long enough to really "get into" a book.
I'm hoping Andrew is more like his Dad in this respect and enjoys reading much more.  So far so good!
Last week we took our first trip to the "city" library.
Growing up in the country, we basically had our school library, WOW, times have changed. City libraries are impressive and offer so many FREE activities, who wouldn't want to just go and 'hang out"? A $12 membership provides so much opportunity to learn and love the art of words. What an affordable gift!
I took advantage of all the beautiful windows and bright colors to practice my picture skills.
Andrew was like a kid in a candy shop!

A child (and this Mumma's) dream table.
Our world is all about diggers and tractors, this book was a HUGE hit!
The Librarian gave Andrew hand stamps.  BUGS!  Librarians have sure changed as well.
If my office job had this bright keyboard it would have made many days more smiley!
Notice the mouse hold.  Talk about monkey see monkey do!

Libraries have checker board stations.  Who knew?

Apparently this is very important?

March 26, 2012

FIRST Tracks!

I am BURSTING with huge amounts of PRIDE!
It was a weekend of so many near tears moments.  Good tears.
I can't really put it in words but I bet most are well aware of that very same emotion.
PRIDE is an amazing concept.
It brings out smiles, and tears, and feelings I never thought I'd let overcome me.
I now know why my Mom would cry at my ringette games and never missed many.
And why my Dad took such joy in standing behind the bench coaching for so many years.
I'm a proud parent.

He skis!
And the fact that he is 
    just wee
    barely talking
    learning a million things a day
    nearly as small as his actual skis
makes it even more special.
Super creepy animal flags on the kids hill!
The Dad is the talented one on skis/snowboards.
And the Mom is learning to take photos.
This is why you will rarely see me on this blog, which is totally OK in my world.

March 24, 2012

March 22, 2012


Last month while visiting Grampa & Grama in PHX we had the chance to watch sky diving.
Have you ever seen this up close?
And amazing!
ELOY, AZ is a 10 min drive from my parents place in Casa Grande.
Eloy is basically a one horse town (ok, well maybe two or three horses) totally deserted, and not the kind of place you'll find Macy's, Tiffany & Co, or even Target. Tumbleweed city!  BUT, as my Mom would say, "it is HOME to someone".
It is also a world class centre for sky diving.
Who knew?! Sky Diving central to all kinds of folks from around the globe.
Eloy is on the map! We heard every accent imaginable from those that were there.
The actual venue wasn't much to see driving up but when you get back to the shacks where the jumpers hang out, learn, live, and love, it is surprising what goes into those jumps.  It is a culture all on its own.

No disrespect at all but I just assumed sky diving attracted a bunch of dare devil "crazies" that jumped out of a moving plane for an endorphin rush.  WTF?  Weird. Going for a run gives me that rush.
Some unreal and intense training goes into these sky dives.
It is spectacular to watch up close. You honestly have to see it to believe it.
Andrew was in AWH!
Heck, I was in AWH!
They are RIGHT THERE, only feet from you when they land.

I have a new respect for these "crazies".
If ever in AZ, it is well worth the day trip to watch the jumpers.  You may even join the craziness and sign up, tempting to be totally honest.

Bring a blanket, lawn chair, picnic lunch and camera.  It is unforgetable!
Next to watching Andrew get on Grampa's horse Jack, and Grama's never ending rice pile fun it was the highlight of this trip to AZ.

I had to add this one. His Dad stands the same way as the picture on the right.
I find Andrew standing like this all the time.  It's so funny to see the traits we pass along.


And my personal favorite...


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