June 30, 2012

Weekend GREEN!

With the week of illness still fresh in our minds we played today very slow.
Isn't that what weekends are all about?
We managed to shuffle to the pathways and take in some sunshine.
A pretty glorious day.  Way too glorious to pass up the fresh air.
The ice cream cones may have whispered sweet nothings to us as well. HAPPY!

Practicing picking flowers for his Mumma.  (And perhaps giving his Dad pointers?!)

At the risk of posting a boat-load of pics that all look the same, I just had to.
It was THAT green along the pathway today.  

(Thank you baby Advil & baby Tylenol for helping Bean tolerate this cruel ear infection!)

June 29, 2012

Road trip with the Dads!

That hash tag above is where I stored all these iphone pictures in INSTAGRAM. It helped to keep my mind off of missing my mini for the one nite we were away road tripping with my Dad (and also for entertainment value to my IG pals of course).
First night I've been away from the Bean.  BRUTAL!!
Grama stepped up and stepped in and I'm pretty sure A didn't miss us... well maybe he did a bit!

We purchased some new wheels in Tempe, AZ a few weeks back.  Had it shipped to Great Falls, Montana to pick up.
Last Friday we did just that.

These are some pre-trip sillies before abandoning Andrew.  I hugged and hogged him all day!

First stop... Timmies.  The three of us all have a strange addiction to TH!  I think mine is a bit less psychotic because I "only" drink steeped tea, not coffee.
Uhm, just let me think that makes me less of an addict.

Next up... farm equipment dealers!
A childhood memory from road trips would not be complete without farm equipment dealer stops.
Strangely, this was enjoyable this time around.
I must point out that the combines below are the "wrong color" and brand.  We are a John Deere family, not CASE (I'm pretty sure that means nothing to most of my readers, but anyway...)

Hello Montana!
Hello heart attack for $6!
Shelby Montana is a small rural spot on the map.  Very small.
I'd been looking forward to this burger and fry stop though ever since the trip was decided.
DASH INN is a must stop kinda place. FAST, FAB, FATTENING food.
Milk shakes and fries to remember! Not my first stop to this old school drive up greasy delight!
It will not be my last.

Montana has so much to offer.
It is rural meets small town.
It is small town meets small city.
It is beautiful prairie meets rolling hills.
It is TARGET meets BIG R!!!
BIG R is a store where you can buy candy, guns, and welding supplies under one beautiful roof.
Seriously.  That store kicks ASS! Hey, you never know when you might need welding supplies.  For real!
And they have a section of mini Carhartt clothing for littles. I may have brought home mini overalls for some very special little boys.
And another thing... MONTANA is not a dry state.  Not even on Sunday!
Good wine.
Good company.
GREAT prime rib dinner!
JAKERS! Home of an awesome salad bar.  YES, I love a good old fashioned salad bar!  Don't judge.

As promised, Grama sent us many pics of Bean enjoying the Spahhhhh a la Grama.
What a little farmer!
He is now addicted to popsicles.

Great Falls has an amazing pathway system for biking and running.
I saw a few triathletes doing bike and running sprints while we were cruising.  Sigh.
They also have a series of beautiful dams.  GORGEOUS!
Along with the many supper clubs and fast food stops, this town is clearly big on biking and outdoor activities.

The night without Andrew was fine.
No party, no fireworks, no staying up late, no epic hotel linens.
We did survive the distance and it was a good exercise for all of us (so I'm told).
We recharged with Papa and I had a really great 30ish hours with the two older men in my life.
Sadly the US is missing the secret of Tim Hortons, but we managed to hit up SBucks before bringing the new baby back to Canada (5 hour drive).

If you've never exported/imported a vehicle from the US we need to chat!
The process is slick and easy and if all your duck are in a row it is saweeeeeeeeet!

We were only gone 30 hours but it felt like wayyyy too long. So nice to make our way back to Beanie.
He was in amazing hands.  The best really.
Very grateful to have Grama and Papa help us with another crazy adventure to save $$.

As we approached the farm Darcy and I discussed how we would welcome back Andrew.
It was suggested to me that perhaps we play it cool and high five him like we were not even gone.
I may have jumped out of the truck before Darcy had put it in PARK to run and grab my mini. GOODNESS I missed him.  That hug felt so good.  Almost like the first time I saw him.

Yes I'm a drama queen.  Maybe a bit over protective.  Dare I even say CONTROLLING?
But being away was good for us.
Coming back was sooooo wonderful.
I wish I had something really philosophical to add here about developing ourselves and handing more along to our wee ones with distance between us...
But honestly, I just simply like being with little Andrew ALL THE TIME!

I'm GRATEFUL for my caring family.  My healthy family. My generous family. My D in shining armor and my little wee Bean.

#roadtripwiththedadstomontana = TWO THUMBS UP!

Have a wonderful CANADA DAY WEEKEND everyone!
We are playing it low key in hopes or little Bean is on the road to health.
He has a nasty ear infection and it is the PITS!

June 28, 2012

Rindin & Ropin...

Sorry for our absence.
We've been battling the flu bugger.  BOO!

If you look out the east window you can see a magical playground...
Where all kinds of little creatures get along perfectly...
Sometimes if you listen closely you can hear the bubbling of the magic potion brewing...
And in the wee hours of the night the critters line up to ride & rope...
The odd time you will even see the smallest of the creatures dressing in traditional costume...
And every now and then we get to stay up late enough to be a part of the western magic.
Shhhhhhhh, it's a secret...
Ridin & Ropin!
Gotta love it!

June 24, 2012


He is.... in a nut shell... the BEST!
Love ya...

June 23, 2012


Teeny tiny wee and perfect.
My girlfriend allowed me to snap snap snap her bundle of tiny a couple of weeks ago.
Coen is a gift and his Mamma is well aware of that!
I look forward to watching this mr. marvelous become a little man.
(picture overload.  i couldn't help it!)

C's trademark move!

June 21, 2012

Stuff you can't buy in a store!

Old school beauty that everyone admires!
Temptations. You can't resist to try a squeaky test ride!  
Memories that continue to bless the next generations...
A view with heritage!
Weather kissed OLD!
Eskimo kisses and looooooong hugs!
Grandkid magic in the forest!

Play house memories that suit all ages of Grandbabies!

Rides into the sunset!

Green for miles!
Home grown handsome!

Pure Happiness!

If you can find any of these in a package at the store I'd love to know where!

Happy weekend loves.  We are off for more adventures and blessings....


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