August 12, 2012


Clearly we hit the MOTHER LOAD in the happy department this weekend!
Simple. Fresh air. Farm. PHENOMENAL!
a few words that come to mind...
Add in Tim Horton's, a few amazing power naps and a huge peach pie (thanks Grama) and I'd safely upgrade the ratings to BLISS!

Trouble maker Joey...
Animal communication is funny.  One wants to be friendly, the other wants to herd and be bossy.
Kinda like Mom's at a city park I guess? Just sayin...

Stay with people.... I have a few more photos to show you!
And I'm sure the theme is obvious!

These photos mean a lot to me as they are all taken in the area that my mom was born, raised, and her family farmed!

1 comment:

  1. Charlene14.8.12

    LOVE LOVE LOVE and.... LOVE! all of them!


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