August 31, 2014

Life Lately.

Let the green grass and blue sky speak to the theme of our summer.
Outside.  Fresh air.  Bike rides.  Fernie.  Family.

It has been a really great summer.
(excluding the 2 months of off and on sicknesses - poo on you colds, can't ruin our strides!)

As per usual the summer has gone by toooo fast but I truly feel we have taken advantage of everything we need to.  Of course we wish it was longer.  OBVI!!

The good news is that it's not even over. 

August 25, 2014

A little bit of our weekend...

Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet.
I say this without hesitation.

Here is to another adventurous, busy, creative and exhausting weekend!

August 19, 2014

Back in July...

it doesn't feel right not sharing some Stampede photos.

SHAME ON ME.  I'm a bit behind.

Stampede breakfasting with Papa.
COWBEAN…. The Legend continues!

August 17, 2014

Beach Picnic.

Juice boxes.
More wasps.
Garden veggies.
And my sticky kiddos.

Bliss. What a way to spend an evening.
(I may add that me prepping the picnic was exactly twice as long as the picnic lasted - typical)

It was hot.  We were all sandy and wind blown.
Exactly how it should be at the end of a beach night.

August 10, 2014

Tiny Bat Boy.

We hit up a fantastic Music Festival this weekend in Fernie. WAPITI!
Family fun.  So much for everyone to enjoy.  AND THE SNACKS.

Bat Boy made an appearance…

I love this kid.
What a fun afternoon.

August 5, 2014


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