November 12, 2013

Tiny helper. Little Baker.

We are soaking up our last few days together before baby arrives.
I honestly can't imagine my days as a Mumma of two... but I know that will change once Buggy arrives and I won't be able to remember life without him/her.
So for now, Bean and I are doing everything we can possibly fit in, just the two of us.

We made lists.
We shopped and crossed off lists.

We prepared, took inventory and lined up ingredients.
Then got at it.

 Even with the digger/roller.

Then we enjoyed!  BUTTER TARTS!!!
And cleaned up a huge mess.
(HERE is my recipe).

It's hard to think that another wee set of fingers, squeaks, and opinions will soon be joining us.
It's exciting, but I wouldn't be telling the entire truth if I said I wasn't a wee bit sad to share what the Wee Bean and I have every day.  We do A LOT of baking together.  It's just getting to the good part.

Anyway, today I am so thankful for a healthy boy that loves to help and share in my loves.
His roller and my roller may look a bit different but the concept is the same.

And FYI, those tarts turned out DELIC!  Trust me.


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  1. Anonymous13.11.13

    Four will round off the family just right ... there's lots of love to share! All of us are waiting for the grand entrance of the little wee one too ... exciting times ahead :-)
    Hugs for all XoXo. Diane


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