November 2, 2013

ShutterBEAN. National Association of Professional Child Photographers!

I've recently been blessed with recognition by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers

My wee baby ShutterBEAN Photography has been accepted into this fantastic National Association!

It has been a goal of mine every since I started this photography journey, specifically to do before Baby Buggy Bug arrives.
Now I can confidently call myself a PHOTOGRAPHER!
Yeah me.

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend.
Check out my ShutterBEAN blog if you wish...

or ShutterBEAN on Facebook 

I still have so much to learn and so many hills to explore... this is just the beginning!



  1. Well done! I agree, your photos are lovely and worthy of recognition! ps - your Monkey Bean... so adorable. Hope you guys had a happy Halloween. =)

  2. Ha! Just read your comment about baby names. That is so funny too... we were going to name Claudia "Claire", but then a relative named her baby Claire (a month before Claudia's due date), so we changed. So, I think both Patrick and Claire are super names. =)

    1. And why was I thinking Claudia was Claire? good grief! I also love Claudia..... hmmmmmm.
      Thanks for stopping by again Meryl!!

  3. congratulations! SUCH an accomplishment. I did a giveaway last year for NAPCP and was quite impressed when I was collecting some info for the post. xoxo

  4. Congratulations! Your photos are amazing and really tell a story. So nice to get the recognition :)


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