November 23, 2013

Blog LOVE!

A few blogs I follow religiously and love.
Not everyone posts as much or little as me but I do truly find inspiration from these Mummas in all kinds of ways!

Mumma to two wild and wonderful boys.
My friend and spiritual inspiration… Love her and her words.  Her photos are everything magical.  
You can check out her Instagram feed too if you look her up under amillionlittleloves!

Today is International Adoption Day!
This Mumma has two gorgeous littles through adoption, an amazing selfless understanding.  Her adorable 4 & 1 year old crack me up. Also an Instagram Mumma at bumberjoy!

Any awesome recipe you'll ever want to make can be found on Annie's site.
She is crafty, a great food photographer and honestly creates the BEST snacks!  DELIC.  If you are a baker from scratch like me you will appreciate her efforts while running a home with two kiddos and holding down a job as a Physician.

Anyone familiar with the wonderful world of blogging and photography has likely heard of this incredibly stylish Mumma.  Photos, music, crafts, and moments that make you sigh.  The cutest kiddos on the planet and their fun adventures.  CUTENESS!!  andreahanki on Instagram.

Sara K has an amazing way of making you giggle from your toes.  Mumma to two beauties and creator of her own magic she inspires me to go long and reach for the stars.  Her new venture in wedding planning is pretty much a life dream.  We all need to dream!!  topknotweddings is her Instagram feed.

Katie is about to be a Mom again this Spring.
I love following her photos and giveaways.  See spends all kinds alone with her wee girl as her hubby works away and she lets nothing stop her from LIVING!  She posts such wonderful weekly photos of her daughter, I love following them.  mrskittymitch shares so many wonderful Instagram adventures!

When I read her blog I have a sore stomach from laughing so hard.  And then I read it again.  Hands down most hilarious, real blog I've ever come across.  I love her to the point manner.  Mumma to two cuties, a teacher, a crafter, and a full on amazing writer.  You won't catch her on a regular basis blogging because she is one heck of a busy lady but you don't want to miss it when she does.  Love her!  

A hard hard hard working Mumma with a rad sense of style, something I seriously lack and could care less about but completely admire in others.  Her wee man is a little ham and she puts her heart and sole into making fun outings and passing along memories to her littlest love.  She presents weekly features of other Mummas on her Instagram feed as well, it's pretty wonderful to focus on others from time to time isn't it! Check out her stories and giveaways and hard core feelings when you can.  

Marian has such a special place in my heart.  While we've never met, I've followed her lovely Tasmanian life for a few years and exchanged old school mail and cards.  She is married to an amazing man with crazy skills in the garden and in the home.  His meals look TO DIE FOR!!!  Nearly a year ago they were blessed with beautiful identical twins, very very premature, it was touch and go for many many weeks. Maggie & Elisabeth are almost ONE and I love watching them daily.  They are gorgeous.  The spirit and hope this family has shared with their followers is damned unreal!  On instagram you can look up hazelnigella and follow their family, including two stunning German Shepard critters that are like little people themselves.  Some day I will meet this family!

There are sooo many other wonderful bloggers that inspire and teach me.
I look to many blogs for ideas, inspiration, and generally to help me appreciate who I am, what I love to do, and where I need to be with my home and family.
Have a peak when you have the time.




  1. Thank you Sandra- we will meet one day!!! It is amazing the connection we feel to families like yours. My poor blog is a little neglected - but I will get back to it one day, I promise!!! We both can't wait to see your new wee bundle soon. Much love from all at the hut in Tasmania. Xxx

  2. l o v e !
    love you and this awesome line up!

  3. Thank you so much for including us, sweet friend!



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