November 19, 2013



This was shortly before noon yesterday. He showed up somehow overnight?  WOW! And it took a few short hours to spot him.
By 12:30 we were loading up and heading to Michael's craft store for supplies for an Elf hat upgrade.
Apparently red is so 2012!  Timmy is now sporting a cool BLUE felt hat.  I'll share that with you tomorrow perhaps.
Bless the glue gun is all I'll say.
And Elf hats aren't as easy to make as you'd think.  Trust me.
8 diggers, 2 John Deeres, a flashlight, gluegun, and a few random kitchen supplies and WHAMO, a new hat.

More on Timmy to come but so far our behaviour is pretty exceptional because TIMMY IS WATCHING and will be reporting back to Santa any unkind behaviour, DAILY!  
HA!  Sweet sweet bribery.

I am thankful for Timmy, the fun it has already created in our home and the time to be able to make goofy crafty things with my wee man (if you can call it crafty).  
These are memories I hope he cherishes, I know I sure do!


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  1. Ha! Well done making Timmy a new hat! These elves bring these children (and adults) so much joy. And your post reminds me I've got to find Jehermikal (yes, Jehermikal), as he went missing last year. A great nap time project for tomorrow. If I find him, maybe I'll even make him a new hat too! =)


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