November 29, 2013

Friday favorites..

Well, we are officially one day overdue waiting on the Baby Buggy Bug!
With the waiting, our time as a family of 3 is extended and all good things come to those who wait.

I am so thankful for the last few weeks of just US moments.
My "wee" man, Andrew BEAN around these parts, is sure showing signs of growing up, growing stubborn, and growing brilliant!
It's a bit mind boggling.  Hard to be sad about it though when he is busting out hilarious phrases that make even Mumma belly laugh and singing RUDOLF from start to finish on his own. 

In prep for the holidays ahead and teaching about gifting we have been "crafting".
Translation = copying cute ideas off the internet and using glue sticks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and glue guns (of course only I use the glue gun!)
He has an intense imagination and no matter what we are building, there is always the need for a digger!  
Not a surprise.  
We go with it, mess and all.  Why fuss?!  (My Mom taught me that rule of life, embrace the MESSES too).

The best part of crafting is deciding who gets each project this year.
We keep finding new friends and family to give to, so our crafting journey will continue.
Tomorrow we build "Ginger Cousins", maybe by Sunday we will have advanced to popsicle sticks?

Teaching the gift of giving is good for all of us.  I'm learning from him each day!

An update on our Christmas tree set up:  it has officially been stretched out already over 5 days.  So far we only have the lights on.  
Maybe this weekend?  
Maybe not?
Eventually it will get done.
The bottom foot of the tree is filled with our collection of Tim Hortons collectable ornaments.  Tacky?  YES!
What can we say?  We support!!

Hoping you have a fantastic and healthy weekend.
Please say a prayer for the safe arrival of our next blessing.
Can't lie, I'M UNCOMFORTABLE as HE#* but excited to meet this little love.


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  1. Anonymous30.11.13

    Prayers and good thoughts are sent your way for her/his safe arrival ... overdue, perhaps ... but, all will be well, I know it :-)
    XoXo Diane


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