March 30, 2013

Easter Eve...

We spent 90% of the day outside.
Spring in Fernie is one word.... BEAUTIFUL!
When did our baby turn into a young man?  STOP GROWING!!

Hitting some sweet air with Dad!

All the tantrums we've been challenged with seem a bit distant.
But we are not foolish... one is right around the corner.

I handed the camera over.  GASP!

A bit of pre-skiing parking lot digger time with friends.

Dude can walk the icy line like nobody's business!

Uhm, handsome doesn't quite cut it.

I can see my face Mumma!

We found a snow racer.  Mumma had a few freak out moments.  Someone has no sense of "FRAIDY-CAT".  Good times ahead!?

This Mom has to escape to send an email to the Easter Bunny to ensure diggers are on the list for basket contents.

Happy Easter Sunday Eve.

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  1. my kid would seriously love your kid - skiing, excavator shirts, puddles - he's an A+ in our books. xo


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