March 10, 2013

10 on 10. SPRING? Are you out there...

Once a  month I will be joining a group of Mothers and Photographers and posting ~10 photos.... of the ordinary and not so ordinary moments of our days.
We exchange and encourage each other through an online group and these ladies have really been supportive and pushed me a wee bit to think beyond.

Please stop by to admire their talents, love and adventures!

As for me.  My 10 on 10 post involves our simple and wonderful life... that comes with our own set of daily challenges not always captured through my lens...

We spend most of our weekends in a small ski town... FERNIE, BC.
These past few weekends have given us Spring previews.
Puddles and mud.
Skiing and hot chocolates.
Rain and green.
Snowflakes and chillies.

We can't decide what season it is but we are hoping for SPRING!!
Please come out and play!

And ONE for good luck!

Please go take a peak at the talented Sarah Leonard's February Challenge photos.
Her work is wonderful. Her family is adorable.  Her eye is an inspiration.  

Thank you ladies for allowing me to learn and explore through your captures.
I'm very grateful!


  1. Awesome work Sandra!! You make winter seem like fun :-P

  2. Great job on these Sandra! Your first photo is my favorite, but I love the bold colors you kept throughout the batch. I also like the shadow shot of the ski lift. Creative perspective!


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