April 1, 2013

Smiles. Lots of them!

I need these smiles today.
I've made a HUGE ROOKIE mistake with my photos less than 24 hours ago and have "misplaced" LOST a very important basket of important photos.  They may not be significant to anyone but myself.
Fellow bloggers, photographers, control-challenged types, and all people carrying cameras:
If you have to drop and go, do it.  Buy many external hard drives and back up every photo you have.  Make a system that makes sense to you and just do it.  Take the time now!
or you make a silly error eventually that will result in a big FROWN.  and maybe a few eff-bombs!

I am starting my week off right and focusing a few happier things and trying not to retrace my steps.
BOO, mistakes, but I suppose we all make em.

The one thing I DO know how to do is take MORE PICTURES.
So I've happily done that today.  These are a few from this morning.

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