March 2, 2013


My Mom is the coolest woman to ever roam the earth.
I say that without hesitation.
No kidding!
She is the BEST!!
Circa 2007.  My very favourite photo!
My Mom and I think alike, sound alike, and worry alike.
It is scary.
and pretty freaking awesome!

Today it is her birthday!
Another year of blessings...  of stories, quirky sayings, parties, tears, life lessons and LOVE!

 I couldn't ask for anything better in a Grama to our Bean.
She loves with all her might, all 5'2" of her.

 She never misses a chance to soak in experiences, make messes, and invent fun (back yard DIY rice 'sandboxes').  She encourages everyone who comes along her path to try and experience, and GO FOR IT!!

She is especially good at teaching us all how to make, create, and imagine.
The ideas she comes up with continue to inspire me and surprise me.
How to make a fort with a roll of toilet paper and a light bulb.  My Mom is the Martha Stewart of Good Times!
And she makes a kick ass butter tart!  Although I think mine are closing in on hers...

 She loves and accepts all beings equally.  OK, well,  maybe furry critters are at the top of her pile.

She is Grama of the Year.  Cowgirl of the Year. And isn't afraid to give a little history lesson or two along the way.
You wouldn't believe the useless information tid bits she knows about things.
She works hard, has fun, and you can't help but want to join in, even if you are a mouse in the corner.
You'll catch yourself wanting to be a part of everything she has going on.

KICK A$$ in the FUN department!  Everyone you ask will agree.
She leaves no details behind.  I'm sure my Dad can confirm this.

A small, correction, tiny back yard gathering of LIKE minded (Norwegian) friends!
She is proud of where she comes from and has never ever let it out of her sight.
My Mom goes to the end of the earth to preserve our rural, farm, western heritage.  It is nothing shy of precious.


You are my best buddy and such a great influence.
I hope to be a tiny bit as wonderful of a Mom, Grandparent, Friend, Teacher, Spouse as you are.

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