March 20, 2013

Spring. Day one.

We aren't being fooled.
We are just enjoying.
Forecast is calling for snow tomorrow.
Mumma Nature is having a few hormones these days.  Not the good kind either.

In the mean time we soak it up and eat popsicles in tshirts.
You only live once!

We have a HUGE fever here for the word that rhymes with FLING (as my wise friend would say over at amillionlittleloves).  It is encouraged not to say the S word that rhymes with FLING (please read her post, it's hilarious!)
Happy day ONE of SPR...

1 comment:

  1. t-shirts and ice lollies! We keep getting teased with spring and then dumped with snow. I think we have one more snow this weekend. blah. Wishing you spring as well!


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