March 5, 2013

We ski.

It's just what we do this time of year.
Thankfully the wee man is enjoying it as much as we had hoped.

 Throw in a yellow digger and it is pretty much MAGIC!

 Top it off with the magic carpet fun and someone is really really happy!

We end every single ski session with hot chocolate.
Without sprinkles for Bean please.  He is very particular about this detail.  Wonder where he gets that from?  hmmmmm.

Snowboarding is next!
I'm sure in no time he will be showing rad moves and blowing by his Mumma on a board.


1 comment:

  1. Love these pictures! He looks so cute in his tiny skis and gear. Our snow officially melted last week, but we are still attempting ski lessons on this synthentic snow course. Not nearly as fun! Wish we had your amazing snow! That is so sweet to do hot chocolate after skiing. Good idea!


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