March 8, 2013

My 365 Update!

I've loved doing this project.  And by LOVE I may mean WHY THE HELL HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO TRY THIS?!
It has challenged me in all kinds of ways I want to be.
Look beyond the everyday 'pose'.
Look way past the smile.
Around the corner for the moment.
And past all the noise and action.

I've become so much more aware of all the love around me. That is the greatest gift from this challenge.
It is a huge commitment.  It takes a LOT of time. Every moment has come with a lesson.
I can't help but feature my littlest love in most of my images.  He is my inspiration and to be totally honest, he is the one that drew me to pick up a camera, other than my iphone camera. Damned kids and their cuteness... costin me money!

Anyone who has ever done a 365 knows the time this endeavor takes.  I encourage you to try this.
I hope you enjoy some of my memories...

Project ~365
One photo each day.
An entire year of light, little moments and love through my eyes.

Photos from February.....
(to see my entire collection of ~365 please go to ShutterBEAN Photography Blog)

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