January 23, 2012


 This past weekend brought a lot of these moments...

A serious and calm amount of these...

A batch of smiley Bean...

And a good dose of sharing...
Watching the big white flakes!

And before the weekend was over Andrew was tackled by the big bad flu.
There were cuddles and rocking and aches all night.
Sick baby makes for a sad Mumma.

Thankfully we had enough gusto to give recovery a shot...
Fisher Price has nothing on Tupperware!
Pots and pans decorate any living room nicely.  Wouldn't you agree?
We challenged the flu to a game of fort/pots & pans.
Flu one this one...
And then we kicked Mr. Flu to the curb.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry the poor little guy was sick. Honestly I think I've said this a million times, but sick babies are the sadest!! It breaks my heart seeing little ones ill and unhappy :( I'm glad that Andrew is feeling better. And seriously I think you have the most gorgeous view EVER! ahh I'm so jealous!


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