January 14, 2012


The blogs I read daily bring me inspiration. They teach me life lessons, all of them. I love them.
I make reference often to a very honest and real blog, Enjoying the Small Things.
This week she asked her readers if we were to choose one word for 2012 what would it be.
I didn't even blink.
I knew my word.


2012 is about hope and joy and love and learning.
It shouts adventure, laughter, family, and maybe even challenge.
Dare I say it even flirts with union, wellness, and new ventures?
For all of these, exciting and scary, grateful.
For health, and Bean, and Papa D, I'm so grateful.
For my amazing teachers and life leaders, grateful.
Opportunity, time, ability: capital G baby!!

Hard lessons, missed appointments, anxieties and fears. Oddly I am grateful. They have brought me here.

What is your word?

Check out Enjoying the Small Things!
Now for more of our snow Bean...


  1. Gratitude. It's really the key to life isn't it? It seems like everything else falls into place the way it should when we are grateful. I'm getting better with this.

    Love the Header! And the photos are beautiful as always... the two of them walking together melts my heart, so I can only imagine how you feel about it!

  2. Oh wow beautiful pictures Sandra! I love love love the family photo, what an amazing backdrop and three of the most killer smiles <3. So perfect.


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