January 19, 2012

True love!

Some kids have an attachment to soothers.
Some teddy bears.
Some blankets, lovies or a cute snuggly toy.
TANKIE! And this is a serious love affair!
Tankie is an old tank top of Mumma's just for the record. Target brand to be exact.

We can't change our mini and make him love something more because it makes sense to me.
I'm just so happy he has found true love.  It is remarkable the bond Andrew has with this soft piece of material. If life would be so simple for all of us it would be a happy world wouldn't you agree?

TANKIE is always within reach.
Tankie goes to the mall.
Tim Hortons.
And everywhere in between.
He takes chariot rides.
Goes for walks.
And has even landed himself in the shower?
The thought of leaving Tankie home never crosses our mind.
It isn't pretty.
We are fast learners!

What can you do?

Not far behind is George.
A stuffy my friend Lisa found at a garage sale a few years back (thanks Lisa, knew it would come in handy some day).
George is a close second best.  But don't dare try to dress up George in Tankie.  Consider that a WARNING!

George is sometimes left in the dust

But he always finds his way back home...

I hope your weekend is full of LOVE!

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  1. hehe this post made me giggle. Tankie is awesome! we only have blankie right now and that's only for night time.

    And seriously your son is so unbelieveably cute! we have that same moose joe onesie...its my fave!


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