January 30, 2012

Fast and Furious. Where did that week go?

This week has pulled us in all kinds of directions.
Good directions I believe.
One of those weeks that flies by and when Sunday arrives you really aren't sure if the weekend is just starting or ending.
It was a relief to get at some organizing, rekindle a few neglected friendships, and remind myself of things that make me happy.
Making Mumma happy is apparently important?  Who knew? That little voice inside my head was squeelin!

We said see ya later to Grampa (who I think is now Papa by the sounds of it) who came home for a surprise trip to wish my bro a happy 40th!
Put up shelves in our newly renovated basement.  The O word makes me so gitty.  ORGANIZE!
Dug deep a bit in the garage graveyard.
and got to the heart of what really matters, big time play dates and HUGS!
I also discovered a new feel good blog... BluebirdKisses

These are all iphone pics.
Oh what fun.

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  1. thanks for the shout out! :D I'm really loving your blog too, and I love seeing that 1/2 marathon registration photo! yey!


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