January 29, 2012

Lowering his ears...

Ever heard that expression?
Getting your ears lowered?
I never did understand how they got "haircut" out of that?

Yesterday was haircut number one for the wee boss.
I've resisted, avoided, denied, and flat out said NO to a haircut for over 15 months.  
A little boy with beautiful curls and wavy highlights has a crazy place in my heart.
Uhhhhm have you seen Andrew's Dad??!!
Those curls were the first twinkle.
(check out this lil dude - gorgeous blondie).

We didn't take Andrew to just any salon.
We took him to a BARBER!
Grampa's barber!
This Mumma remembers way back when visitingAngelo & Luigi with Andrew's Grampa.
This Mumma also remembers them teasing her saying they'd chop off her ponytail.
Yes, traumatized!
It was a risky move taking my own child.  Andrew was a big boy.
Angelo & Luigi have cut Grampa's hair forever.  They also donated an antique barber chair to Grampa & Grama's home (trade one old barber chair for one pig - TRUE STORY!)

Uhm Dad.  Is this dude stealing my curls? WTF!!
EZ EZ, watch the ears Luigi!
Super old school Italian barber shop.  Like you'd see on TV. So awesome!
This Italian boat took Bean's attention... for at least30 seconds.
TA-DA! Proud Papa.  Andrew looks like a little man (sans curls).  
Andrew sat like a CHAMP the entire time.
Not a squeek or squirm.  Pretty impressive, especially since there were no TVs, no video games, no fancy chairs or games.  Just two Italian men with funny voices.
Love em.
Back home and all the itchies are showered away.
With all the haircut talk, Daddy went for a haircut during Andrew's nap later in the day.

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