January 31, 2012


Last nite I had tea with a friend.
She's a past coworker, an athlete, a teacher.
A heck of a cook/cleaner/story book reader and role model.
She's a fellow blogger, an inventor, crazy creative and one thing I like best...
Above all though, she is my friend.
And man did we have a great chat over tea.
The chocolate chip cookie sealed the sweetness of our meeting in a busy coffee shop full of facebookers, secret daters, and caffeine junkies.

K and I used to high five down the hallways of our downtown high rise and plan weekend parties.
Perhaps we shared a few shooters at a pub or two.
We hit up Vegas with the ladies.
Tackled life's challenges and drama's at the same time
and come from such similar family backgrounds it is crazy.

Now we schedule two months in advance to go for a simple tea.
Only to get to that date and reschedule due to exhaustion, sick babies, or just life stuff that shuffles our blessed lives.

Last nite we met in ponytails, sans make-up, and yes we left babies to sleep at home with Dads.

Oh how our lives have changed.
Man we are fortunate!

Here is to friends!
Not just pals or acquaintances (although they are loved as well) but friends that just GET YOU.
That you can go for months without texting and calling and still hug you like they saw you yesterday.
Here is to friends!
That don't judge, that encourage, and make you feel better about the person you really are.
K, thank you.

I had to dig deep for this photo.
It makes me smile.


  1. What love!! That's what good friends are <3

  2. Ps those were good times. (the ones I was lucky enough to be part of anyways!!) heehee. Danl and I were reminiscing about the 'good old days' just today! But we decided its going to be just as great to be making new good old days ;).


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