January 26, 2012

Arizona Christmas!

I am so far behind with my photos.
I've been avoiding a few very special batches.
I'm THAT far behind.
The ridiculous number I take during the holiday season is so overwhelming.
I karate chopped a few today and thought I'd share our wonderful preChristmas trip to visit Grampa and Grama at their home in Casa Grande PHX.  It was awesome!
Time with Grandparents
generous amounts of our favorite foods
gentle temperatures, a bit of golf, NFL plus shopping and
I would almost bet you can feel some LOVE!

We enjoyed some "only in Arizona" traditions....
Cracker Barrel breakfasts!  We love them so!
Waiting waiting waiting...
Grama and her crazy touques.
Lights. Camera. ACTION!
Grampa had the flu so was watching from the warm truck.
Mittens are so last year!
Bundled up.  Thought we were in AZ?!
Mumma & Daddy escaped to use the season ticket advantage...
I love NFL!
HEART. Besties!

Tree decorating, family style.
Andrew was in ahw.  A few sparkly balls hit the ground, no biggy.

And a serious amount of our favorite activities...
Grampa makes madness out of cardboard boxes!

Golf Cart driving 101
Grama invents the coolest toys.

Goodnight Arizona!

1 comment:

  1. Jen Chmilar27.1.12

    Looks like a fantastic holiday. He has the best bathtub mowhawk! pots and pans are a hit at our house too :)


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